Treatment Schedule Update

Aquatechnex will be treating American Lake with ProcellaCOR herbicide targeting Eurasian Milfoil, an invasive aquatic weed on Thursday August 1st.  We will be posting the shoreline with signs explaining this on Wednesday July 31st.

Procellacor has been approved for use in lakes and reservoirs by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington Department of Ecology.  This herbicide is selective for Eurasian Milfoil and will provide long term control.

There are no restrictions on the use of water from the treatment zone for potable or domestic use, the US EPA has approved this product for application directly to potable water reservoirs with no restriction.  There are no swimming or fishing restrictions.  There is no restriction on irrigating turf grass from the treatment areas, but there is a 24 hour restriction on other ornamental plants so if you have both you need to wait 24 hours to use lake water.


American Lake Treatment Scheduled

We have completed a survey of American Lake for Eurasian Milfoil and working with the City and various state and federal agencies have scheduled the first treatment for the week of July 29th.

Eurasian Milfoil has expanded it’s range considerably since last year, the majority of the shoreline is impacted.  We will be applying ProcellaCOR herbicide, this product is selective for milfoil and will translocate and kill the roots.  ProcellaCOR has been approved by the US EPA and the Washington Department of Ecology for use with no restriction on potable or domestic water use, no swimming or fishing restriction and no restriction in irrigation of turf grasses, there is a 24 hour restriction on use of water from the treatment areas to irrigate ornamental plants.

A map of the treatment areas can be viewed here Click here for treatment map

It should be noted that there will be a 400 foot buffer each side of the Tacoma Golf and Country Club irrigation intake and that zone will be treated later in the year when irrigation requirements decline.

Any questions should be sent to or 360-527-1271

2019 Eurasian Milfoil Survey

Aquatechnex biologists will be performing a survey of American Lake on Monday July 8th to complete the mapping work necessary to perform aquatic herbicide treatments.  We will also be providing public notification outlining the program for the summer in that time frame.  As soon as this work is completed, we will be posting a treatment map on this site.  Stay tuned!

Aquatechnex selected to implement Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan

Aquatechnex has been selected to implement the first phases of the American Lake Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan.  Our team will be conducting a survey of the lake in the coming weeks, designating potential treatment sites for the application of ProcellaCOR herbicide and targeting smaller infestations with a Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) system.

Stay tuned for more information as the treatment work gets closer.

The Economic Impact of Eurasian Milfoil on Property Values

Eurasian Milfoil is an aggressive aquatic weed that upon introduction can rapidly fill the littoral areas of lakes impacting recreation and habitat.  It also can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of the lake by shoreline property owners.  Lakeside homes are often some of the higher valued properties in an area because of the perceived value of the lake access out the back door.

When that lakefront is choked with the invasive weed Eurasian Milfoil, this value can be severely impacted just as the enjoyment and use of the lake is impacted.  There are some recent studies that documents the decline in property values directly associated with the invasion of Eurasian Milfoil.

Congwen Zhang published a study in the journal Ecological Economics found that as milfoil invades a lake, property values diminish by from 1% to 16% as the invasion progresses.   That article can be accessed here Effect of Eurasian Milfoil on lakefront property value

A second study from King County, Washington that looked at the impact of milfoil on property values found that the presence of Eurasian Milfoil can have a significant negative effect on property sales price ($94,385 USD lower price) corresponding to a 19% decline in property value.  This study can be accessed here King County Study

Lastly, this report shows the impact prior and post treatment for Houghton Lake in Michigan where an aggressive treatment strategy restored value to the regions economy.  This article can be viewed here Houghton Lake Study



American Lake Threatened by Eurasian Milfoil

Over the past few years, American Lake residents have experienced an increase in the presence of the noxious aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil.  This invasive plant has a direct impact on lake use, it can plug boat motors and engine intakes, take over swimming beaches and pose a threat to swimmers.  Eurasian Milfoil if left unchecked can also have dramatic impacts on the aquatic environment.

The City of Lakewood and concerned citizens on the lake recognized this and last year applied for and received an grant from the Washington Department of Ecology to develop and Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (IAVMP for short).

The process of developing this plan has started.  The lake was mapped this past summer and a good understanding of present and potentially future infestation has been developed.  The planning team has assessed aquatic plant management options for Eurasian Milfoil that are applicable to American Lake.

This web site will be used over the course of the project to keep the community informed on this process so sign up for notices and check back often to track the progress of the planning process.