Steering Committee Meeting Today January 4th

The Steering Committee will be meeting today to review the first draft of the Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan for American Lake.  This will allow members that have reviewed the draft document to provide input.  The group may also start to narrow down options for control and work to put together the next public meeting to present findings.  Stay tuned for additional information on that.

First Public Meeting to Discuss IAVMP

On October 26th, a public meeting was held in Lakewood for the residents and stakeholders of American Lake.  The Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Planning Process involves studying the problem present in the lake, evaluating all potential treatment options and presenting this information to the community so they can understand options and help formulate recommended approaches.

A copy of the PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here.

Summer 2017 E. Milfoil Infestation Map

The Summer 2017 E. Milfoil Survey results are available by viewing the map linked to this page.  Clicking on this link will bring the viewer to ArcOnline, a interactive GIS web map.  This map shows the “threat zone” on American Lake, or those areas of the lake that could support Eurasian Milfoil Growth.  It also shows the current infestation.

Users can zoom in and out to look at areas of interest on the lake.  They can also enter their address and view conditions adjacent to their properties.

To view the map, click on this link 2017 Eurasian Milfoil Coverage American Lake

American Lake Threatened by Eurasian Milfoil

Over the past few years, American Lake residents have experienced an increase in the presence of the noxious aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil.  This invasive plant has a direct impact on lake use, it can plug boat motors and engine intakes, take over swimming beaches and pose a threat to swimmers.  Eurasian Milfoil if left unchecked can also have dramatic impacts on the aquatic environment.

The City of Lakewood and concerned citizens on the lake recognized this and last year applied for and received an grant from the Washington Department of Ecology to develop and Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan (IAVMP for short).

The process of developing this plan has started.  The lake was mapped this past summer and a good understanding of present and potentially future infestation has been developed.  The planning team has assessed aquatic plant management options for Eurasian Milfoil that are applicable to American Lake.

This web site will be used over the course of the project to keep the community informed on this process so sign up for notices and check back often to track the progress of the planning process.